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Welcome Statement

Hello fellow Patriots.


We are grateful and blessed that you have joined our site and are choosing to stand up with the rest of us who are actively involved in helping our President Donald J Trump to drain the swamp.


It will take every one of us patriotic Americans to make America great again. Together we will turn the tide of corruption that has become a cancer on this great nation.


We are expanding our team with the best men and women this country has to offer. They are working diligently to make these reports available to you on our website that is now fully functional. There will be multiple reports of great importance that will be available to the public for free, always. There are already reports available to the public for download now. Paid subscribers will receive early access to all reports and access to exclusive content.


Up to now we have been mostly self funded and this has limited our efforts. To counter that and bring more reports forward faster, we have decided on a low subscription fee that will help us fund our operations and greatly improve our effectiveness in exposing the multi layered corruption that is deeply rooted in our government.


As you may very well know, the adversary we face is very well funded and very deeply embedded. This battle is not impossible and many patriots are already engaged and are taking back much ground from these bad actors.


Money multiples efforts! This is a mantra the left has embraced and it works. They have been pushing their deceitful agendas for years based on this model. It's time we step up and start funding the good guys! These dedicated men and women that are fighting tirelessly for our country simply cant afford to put their full time and expertise into this noble cause without proper funding. 


Every low cost subscription provides much needed funding for our operations, obtaining intelligence, infiltrating organizations, spending countless hours poring through documents and evidence, flying agents and liaisons across the country to meet with the good guys in congress and senate among others to present evidence and lay the foundation to start building cases and charging corrupt politicians for their crimes against the American people. 


These corrupt politicians believe they are untouchable and they abuse the power of their elected or appointed positions to subvert the constitution and ignore the rule of law. They need to understand that they are not above the law! The criminals in our government need to be brought to heel under the full weight of the US Justice system and face the consequences of the illegal acts they have committed while being entrusted by the American people to rightly govern this great nation. 


We can win this battle, brothers and sisters. We must come together and support the good guys.If we don't fix this now, then who will?

We must take this monumental task on ourselves so our children and grandchildren can experience the country we all remember with the ability to enjoy life liberty and the pursuit of happiness in a free and prosperous America.


The American Dream, as intended by our forefathers, must be preserved at all costs.


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