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Statement of Purpose

Regardless of your politics, ethnicity, race, religion, or gender, you should be concerned about blatant abuses by establishment elites and Obama Administration holdovers who have taken Power from the People.


Corporate mainstream media have played an enormous role in restricting your right to know by coordinating fake news reports and censoring alternative media.


Enough is enough. Hundreds of former and current members of the United States intelligence community have joined together to collate evidence of criminal obstruction and treason, even within the White House itself, for presentation to the President.


President Trump has done a remarkable job of keeping his promises by rebuilding our national security, defeating ISIS, creating jobs and global fair trade, reducing taxes, standing up for our rights, prosecuting human traffickers, and reducing the number of criminals coming across our southern border, despite countless diversions--from the fake Russia collusion story to other fantastic attacks by self-serving opponents.


Many wealthy politicians and media moguls want to control the American people, and become even wealthier, by creating faux racial, gender, religious, and class tensions and conflicts while feigning concern for these very same tensions and conflicts.


We, the American People, will not be fooled.


Join REPORTFORTHEPRESIDENT.COM and discover how enemies of the United States have lied about the President and his team, spawned and funded riots and protests, pursued cheap labor over national security and prosperity, encouraged criminal gangs, promoted illegal drugs, and seized control of most news and social media.


REPORTFORTHEPRESIDENT.COM enables the American People to view much of the evidence the President will receive, together with critical information for making informed political choices.


Thank you for your patriotism.

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